Damsels in distress, “strong” women who fall into a role of uselessness at the plot’s convenience, and one-dimensional depictions of gender roles are finally becoming stodgy archetypes of literature’s past. We now live in a society that is making an effort to abandon its sexist ideologies, and young adult fiction is quickly becoming a mode of expression against the oppression that has held back both women and men for so many years. At Lumière: A Review of Young Adult Fiction, we cannot wait to see these evolving ideals appeal to new generations and audiences.

Since best-selling male authors like John Green and Scott Westerfeld have had plenty of time in the spotlight, at Lumière, we celebrate the work of female writers who explore adolescence through a feminist lens of eagerness and equality. By conjunctively analyzing themes of youth and debunking conventional standards of what it means to ‘be a woman,’ we desire to foster a thirst for equal opportunity and treatment within those who do not commit themselves to the word ‘feminist.’ After all, feminism belongs to us all — regardless of gender or generation.

If you’re looking for inventive points of view, influential messages focalizing female empowerment, or are tired of reading only one kind of feminism, we’ve got you covered… No matter who you are or whether or not you dare to use the ‘F’ word.

Join us as we illuminate exciting themes, exceptional authors, and enchanting new books — and you just might find your next young adult treasure.